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About Anchored in Hope

Anchored in Hope Counseling Services, LLC

was established in 2018 with a commitment and mission to offer the highest quality mental health counseling services to assist clients in developing skills to live their best life. Our counselors use effective evidence-based clinical treatments along with a caring, compassionate, and non-judgmental therapeutic alliance to address our clients' needs and concerns.

Image by Ronak Valobobhai Hope is within reach at Anchored in Hope

Our Approach

Anchored in Hope Counseling Services, LLC utilizes mindfulness based counseling techniques to provide you with guidance, support, and effective skills to manage your symptoms and concerns through all of life’s stressors. You will participate in a therapeutic alliance that will empower you with the ability to take control over your thoughts, feelings, actions and decisions. This ability will provide you with the opportunity to enjoy and find peace within the present moment, thrive in stability, and embrace the happiness that encompasses your life.

Image by Darius Bashar mindfulnessbased approach at Anchored in Hope
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